Stuart’s Legacy Road Trip

Stuart sustained an incomplete T5/T6 injury in 1979 after a rugby accident at age 26, but he never let this hold him back. Stuart loved outdoor sports before his injury, and he rediscovered activities such as skiing and orienteering with Back Up.

Stuart also volunteered for a number of good causes and donated generously during his life. This year, Stuart left gifts to 13 different charities in his will. In June, as a celebration of Stuart’s life, his nephew Matthew embarked on a tribute road trip in Stuart’s classic Jaguar XJS, delivering his legacy gifts to the charities which touched him.

You can view the family video of Stuart’s tribute road trip here:

Back Up received a gift of £12,819.50 which will ensure that we can help other people with a spinal cord injury rediscover their sense of adventure like Stuart did.

Thank you, Stuart, for your amazing legacy.

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