The Back Up Lounge

Covid-19 has thrown us all a curveball. We’re all having to adapt to a new norm of self-isolation with our routines likely thrown out the window. Now more than ever it’s important we come together, talk openly and keep having fun, so we’d like to welcome you to the Back Up Lounge!

The Back Up Lounge is a new online forum open to everyone affected by spinal cord injury where no conversation topic is off-limits. We’ll be meeting every Friday at 3pm.

At Back Up we deliver our services around what you want. The Back Up Lounge is no different. You are in the driving-seat. So whether you are looking for tips on adaptable exercise, bladder and bowel management or want to discuss Love Is Blind (we recommend) they can all be chosen by you for future sessions. It’s over to you, so get those thinking caps on.

This week (22/05/20) we have new lounges available for you to choose from:

  • Catch-Up Corner – Simply a space to come and chat with others about anything that’s on your mind. This could be anything from your top Netflix recommendations, to how much paint you’ve watched dry!
  • Family support – Meet some of our Family Support team in this lounge dedicated to relatives of someone with a spinal cord injury.
  • Parent network – lockdown with little ones and teens. The first of several sessions connecting parents of children (17 years and younger) with spinal cord injury to offer peer support, shared experiences and how they are managing during this time. Future sessions will include talking about school closures, accessing support in these current circumstances, healthcare and looking after yourselves as parents.
  • Arts & Crafts – Have you been getting arty during lockdown? Come and show us your creations, see what others have been up to and learn about the ‘isolation art school’ in our lounge.
  • Wellbeing Lounge – this is a safe space to practice mindfulness, problem-solve and get tips for dealing with lockdown
  • Walkers’ lounge –  Whether you can walk with or without aids, or use a wheelchair some of the time this is a space for you to share experiences and discuss the issues related to being able to walk following a spinal cord injury, such as pain and fatigue, walkers guilt and exercise.

So grab a coffee or a glass of wine and get ready to talk– we’ll see you there. The Back Up Lounge will take place over zoom, join here to register your interest