The Back Up Lounge

The Back Up Lounge is an online forum open every other Wednesday from 6pm – 7pm to everyone affected by spinal cord injury, where no conversation topic is off-limits.

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At Back Up we deliver our services around what you want. The Back Up Lounge is no different. You are in the driving-seat. So whether you are looking for tips on adaptable exercise, bladder and bowel management or just fancy a chat, the choice is yours.

The next Back Up Lounge is on Wednesday 27th January

Family of SCI Lounge– A room exclusively for people who’s loved one or relative has a spinal cord injury. Come chat to our family support team and meet other family members.

Walker’s Lounge – a space for people who can walk with a spinal cord injury, where you can discuss the topics that matter to you.

Arts, Books, and Gardening – have you been getting arty, reading any good books, or been busy in the garden? Come tell us what you’ve been up to.

Lounge & Learn – This week we’ll be talking about Wheelchair attachments & add-ons. Come and learn more about what’s available, how they work and share your experiences.

Catch-Up Corner – simply a place to chat about whatever you want with people in a similar situation.

Follow this link to register on Zoom.

Youth Break Out Lounges

We also offer a Back Up Lounge only for children and young people with a spinal cord injury. If you’re a child or young person with a spinal cord injury, learn about these lounges here.