Valerie Singleton’s story

We talked to television and radio presenter and Back Up patron, Valerie Singleton about why she’s included a gift to Back up in her will.

As a patron of Back Up, I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work they do to help people affected by spinal cord injury.

Earlier this year, I visited the Back Up office and met with wheelchair skills trainers who teach essential techniques to newly injured people in hospital. They explained how getting around as a new wheelchair user can be a huge challenge – people wonder how they will get to the shops, play with their kids or even just safely carry a cup of tea. The techniques they teach, such as getting over obstacles, up kerbs, and negotiating ramps safely, give people with a spinal cord injury the confidence to get back to living life to the full.

a group photo in front of the Back Up office of Valerie Singleton and the Back Up team.

Valerie meeting some of the Back Up team

I’m proud to be leaving a gift in my will to Back Up. They provide a range of services including mentoring, life skills and activity courses, and support getting back to work or school. I want to play a part in ensuring that Back Up is here to support people affected by spinal cord injury for generations to come. Leaving a gift to Back Up in my will was so straightforward and it feels great to know that it will have a life-changing impact.

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