How your gift can make a difference

We know that a gift in your will is a big commitment and I’m sure you want to know it will be spent well.

Here are three ways your gift could make a difference:

  • Your gift could get someone back into work. Only around one third of people with a spinal cord injury are in employment. With the right support there is no reason why an otherwise healthy person with a spinal cord injury cannot fulfil their work ambitions. We run work skills courses to help people build the skills and confidence to pursue a fulfilling career.
  • You could train a wheelchair skills trainer. We believe that all newly injured people should be equipped with the skills which give them the confidence to get out and about where they live – essential skills to tackle ramps and kerbs and get around independently. Your gift could train a trainer – transforming hundreds of lives by teaching people to use their wheelchairs confidently and independently.
  • You could fund the training and development of a education advocate who works to support children’s full inclusion in mainstream education. We are the only UK charity with dedicated services for children and young people with a spinal cord injury and our vision is that no child misses out.

Back Up provide vital services which are designed and delivered by people affected by spinal cord injury – people who have been there and understand. Through our wheelchair skills training, telephone support service, residential courses, mentoring and education inclusion service, we empower people to fully participate in work, school and family life.

With our experience and knowledge, you can be assured that your gift will make an huge difference to the lives of many people people affected by spinal cord injury across the UK.

Your legacy is a gift to future generations

For over 30 years, we’ve helped people and their families to rebuild their independence after a devastating spinal cord injury. Our award-winning, practical services challenge people’s perceptions of what’s possible and increase their skills and confidence.

Two young participants on our u13s multi-activity course

Our vision is to reach all newly injured people.

We know that meeting people early on is key to helping them make a positive long-term adjustment to spinal cord injury, and so we want to focus on maximising our presence at general hospitals and spinal cord injury centres to make those vital connections. We will always focus our resources where we think the money will have the greatest impact to improve people’s lives.

Read our impact report to see just how far our supporters’ gifts went last year.

Enquire about gifts in wills


If you’d like to talk to us on the phone or via email about gifts in wills and legacies, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Janet, by email or call her on 020 8875 6760 to talk things through.