Registration: £75 - £180 depending on the jump site
(£180 includes video & stills photography)
Sponsorship Target: £400 - £450 depending on location
Accessibility: Accessible
Suitable for wheelchair users (subject to satisfactory risk assessment). Depending on your level of injury and mobility, you might be asked to get permission from a medical professional.

Skydiving is the ultimate challenge! Back Up works with AbleNet, Skydive Buzz and Skyline to offer you the chance to take the plunge and jump from 15,000 ft (subject to satisfactory risk assessment). You could even get friends and family involved and jump as a group!

AbleNet – Durham, for all levels of injury.

They specialise in making skydiving possible for people with disabilities or visual impairments. Their partner drop zone has a revolutionary ‘rainbow suit’ that allows the instructor to raise your legs on landing and help you enjoy the full sensation of skydiving, there is only one in the UK! There is a registration fee of £180 which includes video and stills photography of your jump, we then require a minimum sponsorship target of £450 which also covers the cost of your jump. Contact Emily for more details.

Skyline – UK wide

A selection of different drop zones across the UK. If you have a spinal cord injury and wish to jump, we would advise emailing the company directly and speaking to them about your requirements before paying the registration fee. You must be aged 16 or over and £74.50 must be paid as a deposit direct to Skyline when your application has been accepted. We then require a minimum sponsorship target of £400 which also covers the cost of your jump (£450 in Scotland and Kent due to higher jump costs). To register click here.

Skydive Buzz – Devon

They work with over 400 charities to ensure they can give anyone and everyone the skydiving experience they are looking for. To register with Skydive Buzz please visit here. Minimum sponsorship target of £400.

Why join the Back Up team?

  • You’ll receive lots of support from our lovely fundraising team with regular updates, hints and tips to help with your preparation and targets
  • We’ll provide you with a bunch of goodies to help you reach your fundraising goal
  • You’ll receive one of our brightly coloured Back Up t-shirts to make sure you stand out.

Emily will be here to provide you with materials to help you with your fundraising efforts, and will support you right up to the day you take the plunge.

”I have Back Up to thank for helping me organise this jump. I’m hoping the money I raise will help them to continue their important work.”

Peter Hamilton, Skydiving participant

You can find the link to our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.


If you would like to take part in this amazing challenge or would like more information, then please email Emily or call 020 8875 6774.