We are very excited to offer a full range of courses in 2022!

Over the past couple of years we have been unable to run our full range of courses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But we are thrilled to announce that all of our favourite courses are back in 2022!

All of our courses aim to increase confidence and independence in a supportive environment. They’re also led by people who have a spinal cord injury themselves – allowing participants to learn from others who have who have been there and can understand the issues and challenges.

”I can honestly say it was Back Up that gave me the confidence to challenge what I thought I could do physically and discover a whole new dimension to life.’

Rosamund (63), Multi Activity participant

Our adult course programme is for everyone aged over 18, with specific courses aimed at under 25s. We also offer Under 18s courses.

The full programme includes:

What Next?

A mixture of an online guide and interactive and live Q&A zoom sessions throughout the week for people who have recently sustained a spinal cord injury.

Skills for Independence

Intensive focus on your wheelchair skills and general life skills to help make everyday life more manageable and improve your independence.

Multi Activity

Challenge your perception of what's possible in everyday life through a wide range of life-affirming indoor and outdoor activities.

Next Steps

Our Next Steps course is for people who walk some or all of the time. The course covers life skills like taking public transport and gives participants the opportunity to discuss issues specifically related to being able to walk.

City Skills

Develop your wheelchair skills and confidence in getting around a busy city and exploring what it has to offer.

Under 13s Multi-activity courses

Take part in an outdoors adventure and meet others who are your age!

13-17s Multi-activity course

Take part in an outdoors adventure and meet others who aged 13-17!

Skills for Work

Are you considering returning to work after a spinal cord injury? Then register for our Skills for Work course today to get expert advice on job hunting, CV writing and interview skills.


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