Back Up’s mentoring service links people with a spinal cord injury and their family members to volunteer mentors. These mentors come from all walks of life and have been through a similar experience to their mentees. They understand and can help you come to terms with what has happened and adjust to life post-injury.

‘She was absolutely brilliant, just great. There’s a big difference in where I am now to where I was. Some things just started to fall into place. My mental health is much better atm, have changed meds which has helped but speaking about my situation has helped so much. I’ve got a lot better at talking about my situation but also listening to others. I’ve got a new girlfriend and am starting to realise how much is out there. Sarah’s done a lot of similar things to what I want to do like travelling and having a career. Speaking to Sarah made me realise this was actually possible.’

Mark, 35, SCI mentee

Back Up mentors either have a spinal cord injury, or are family members – parents, partners, siblings or children – of people with a spinal cord injury. They have all been trained by clinical psychologists to effectively support others using listening skills, action planning and goal setting.

Mentoring is available to people of all ages, all over the UK. It’s not just for people adjusting to a new spinal cord injury, it could have happened some time ago. Most mentoring relationships consist of ten sessions by phone. Mentors offer both practical advice and support with emotional issues:

Anxiety/low mood
Not coping

Bladder and bowel management

Housing adaptations

Relationships and intimacy

Whatever you need support with, our mentors will be there to help you. Click on the buttons below to be referred for either mentoring for spinal cord injury, or family mentoring and fill out the relevant online form. You can refer yourself directly, or on the behalf of someone else.

Spinal cord injury mentoring referral form

Family mentoring referral form


Give the mentoring team a call on 020 8875 1805 or email our Interim Family & Mentoring Manager, Sophie.

You can also download our mentoring handbook to find out more.

Want to learn more about the services we offer? Please click here to read our most up to date services brochure.

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