Amy’s story

Amy tells us why she has chosen to remember Back Up in her will.

I want to say how fortunate I was to receive compensation for my injury. I know how much that has helped me to live a good life, and buy top of the range wheelchairs and sporting equipment so that I can enjoy holidays and activities. It also gives me the security of knowing I can pay for care when I need it.

I know that lots of people are unable to make a claim for their injury and for some people that means life is hard, and Back Up often provides a lifeline for those people.

So I am leaving a legacy of some of my compensation to help Back Up provide support to those who really need it following such a life changing injury. I know that people can still have a good and fun life, after injury, and Back Up helps people to see this.

I think leaving a legacy is a way of paying back for all the help and support that Back Up has given me during my life.

Enquire about gifts in wills


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