Help out as a buddy on courses

Back Up have a full range of courses to help build confidence and independence, allowing both volunteers and spinal cord injured participants to see how much is possible. Our courses provide the opportunity for people with a spinal cord injury to develop new skills, talk to people in a similar situation and challenge themselves in a safe environment. Our buddies are there to assist, encourage, listen to and support all of the group members – participants and fellow volunteers.

“Buddying on a course is definitely worth making the time for. As soon as I got back, I told all my friends about it and recommended they try it out!”

(Course buddy)

What does it involve?

  • Building relationships, supporting and encouraging the whole team (you will not be matched up with one individual)
  • Providing practical assistance and generally helping the course run smoothly
  • This role would suit a sociable person who is flexible and helpful, a good listener, patient and sensitive

What support and training do buddies receive?

  • Full information about spinal cord injury, the course, and your role – both in writing and on the phone
  • Support, guidance and feedback from the Courses Coordinator, group leaders and other experienced volunteers

“Thank you for giving me an experience that has changed my perspective on my own life and that of others who have a disability.”

(Course buddy)

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Please feel free to apply at anytime by completing the application form. If you have any questions please contact us at or give us a call on 020 8875 1805.

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