Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day 2024 (#SCIAD24) takes place on Friday 17 May.

Join Back Up as we raise awareness and understanding of spinal cord injury and its impact. Together, we can help more people get the support they need.

We understand that spinal cord injury is life changing. That’s why we’re here to support individuals and their families.

About spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury can affect anyone, at any age. Whether you damage your spinal cord through injury or illness, aged one or 101, we’re here for you.

The spinal cord is responsible for communicating two way messages to and from the brain to all areas of the body – your muscles, organs and skin. A spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord is damaged through illness or injury. This interrupts the messages to and from the brain, leading to partial or full loss of movement in parts of your body.

A spinal cord injury is life – changing. You may need to use a wheelchair to get around, deal with pain and fatigue, and manage bladder and bowel issues. Sexual function may also be affected, depending on your level of injury. Your family can also feel the impact of your injury, and may deal with feelings of guilt or uncertainty for the future.

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How Back Up can support you

Back Up is a charity for everyone affected by spinal cord injury in the UK – we’re here to help you rebuild your confidence and independence.

If you or a family member has sustained a spinal cord injury, our courses, workshops and information can help you adjust – and live life to the full.

Information about spinal cord injury

For information about issues relating to spinal cord injury, visit our Information for you section.  Whether it’s pain management or travel, you’ll find lots of expert advice and helpful resources.

Our services are led by volunteers who are all affected by spinal cord injury. From mentoring to wheelchair skills, activity courses to careers fairs, explore our pages to see how we can help you.

Register for our services online or call the team on 020 8875 1805.

Register for our services

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Share your #SCIStory

If you or someone you know has been affected by spinal cord injury, share your story. Your story could inspire others and help transform lives. 

Share your #SCIStory on social media. Tag us @backuptrust and help us raise awareness of how our work has helped you!

Take a look at inspiring stories of people with spinal cord injuries, and living life to the full.

More ways to get involved

Volunteer at Back Up

Our team of over 300 active volunteers do amazing things every day. Join our team and help transform lives.

Ways for you to volunteer

  • Join our Youth Advisory Group
  • Help out as a buddy on our courses
  • Become a mentor
  • Volunteer as a Group Leader
  • Teach wheelchair skills
  • Become a mentor trainer
  • and many more!
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