Teach wheelchair skills

Do you want to help other young people to feel more confident in their wheelchair?

By training as a young wheelchair skills trainer you will:

  • Learn how to teach lots of different skills to a wide range of people, in a group and individually
  • Learn how to how to use your voice in teaching a group
  • Pick up tips from other trainers to better your teaching and your own skills.

“My communication skills are better as I’ve learnt how to explain skills to other people. It was fun but hard too, having to explain something that is natural to me and adapting things for someone who might not have as good a grip. I’ve learnt about listening to people, adapting to other people’s needs and explaining to people and to be helpful when teaching – so not just showing them the skills and leaving them to get on with it. Ask them questions, what do they think?”

Sean, young wheelchair skills trainer, 15

We are looking for new young wheelchair skills trainers to help other young people develop skills from pushing techniques to back wheel balancing. You can download the role description below, which gives you a bit more detail about the opportunity, like how many times you would teach in a year and where.


If you are keen or know someone who is, please register your interest online or call the team on 020 8875 1805.