Why partner with us

“I cannot recommend getting involved in a partnership with Back Up enough. In my opinion, the benefits for all parties are huge”

Peter Cole, HR Director Bank of Montreal

Benefits for your company

  • Unique staff development opportunities through volunteering
  • Staff motivation and team building
  • Increased brand profile and trust with potential customers
  • Promote diversity and inclusion and reduce unconscious bias towards people with disabilities
  • Show customers and business partners that you care, projecting a positive corporate image.

Who we are

  • An award winning charity with experience of managing corporate partnerships of all sizes
  • A charity that provides bespoke solutions to align your charitable giving with your business strategy
  • A vibrant, passionate and pro-active charity making a difference to lives devastated by spinal cord injury.


Every four hours, one of us will become permanently paralysed. It could be the result of a car accident, an illness or something as simple as falling down the stairs. Spinal cord injury can affect anyone at any time.

Back Up is at the forefront of supporting people to adjust positively after a life-changing injury.

Achievements Last year

  • 727 people were supported by telephone on topics like work and relationships
  • 100% of our residential course participants achieved their personal aims
  • 146 people were match with a mentor to help them make positive changes


To find out more about how a corporate partnership with Back Up could work for your company, please contact our fundraising team on fundraisingstaff@backuptrust.org.uk or call 020 8875 6763.