Wheelchair Skills Videos

Even if we can’t be with you in person, you can still learn essential wheelchair skills for living independently with a spinal cord injury. Whether you’re a beginner or if you want to practice skills you already know, check out our series of wheelchair skill tutorial videos.

Practising wheelchair skills safely: WATCH THIS FIRST.

It’s important to know how to be safe if you’re going to practice at home. Before you watch any more of our videos, make sure you watch Luke’s spotting tutorial. Do not attempt to practice wheelchair skills without a spotter!

Wheelchair skills: The essentials

Now that you know how to practice skills safely at home, you can start learning vital skills with Rich, our Outreach and Support Coordinator. In this 11-part series, Rich guides you through some of the essential skills that will boost your independence after spinal cord injury. This ranges from basic pushing and turning, to more advanced skills like how to get down small steps.

Part 1: Basic pushing
Part 2: Pushing backwards
Part 3: Turning and manoeuvring 
Part 4: One-handed pushing
Part 5: Castor flicks 
Part 6: Back wheel balancing 
Part 7: Thresholds 
Part 8: Ramps
Part 9: Going up kerbs 
Part 10: Going down kerbs 
Part 11: Going down steps 

Wheelchair Skills Extra

Now you feel confident in the essential skills for getting around as a wheelchair user, you can learn some additional skills to help you in your day-to-day life. Check out the list below to see what life skill videos we have.

Transferring into a car as a manual wheelchair user

Driving is a great way to get around independently as a wheelchair user. Dan shows off his method for transferring into a car with a spinal cord injury.

Making a cuppa with a higher level spinal cord injury

With a higher level spinal cord injury, your dexterity may be affected. Michael shows off how to make a hot drink with limited hand function.

Wheelchair maintenance: Cleaning castor wheels

Rich returns with a tutorial showing how to clean your castor wheels. When living an active life your wheels will likely get dirty, so this is essential viewing for keeping your chair in good condition.

Transferring into a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) as a power chair user

Our volunteer Cate demonstrates how she gets into her WAV as a power chair user.

Transferring into a car in a manual wheelchair with a higher level injury

It’s important to know the best way for you to transfer into your car. Michael is back to show his method for transferring into a car with limited dexterity.

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