Next Steps

Date: Thursday 8 - Monday 12 Aug 2024
Location: Bath

Do you have a spinal cord injury and are able to walk?

Our Next Steps course is for you whether you walk with or without aids, or use a wheelchair some of the time. This course is all about what you want to learn and what would improve your independence. Our aim is to give you the confidence to lead a more enjoyable and healthy life.

Over a long weekend the course will cover various life skills like using public transport, cooking and getting around a busy city. The course also gives you an opportunity to share experiences and talk about different issues related to being able to walk following a spinal cord injury. The topics discussed include pain, fatigue management, having an invisible disability, guilt and other issues.

The group leaders and skills trainers on the course will be people with a spinal cord injury who are able to walk themselves.

A woman who is able to walk with aids, opening a car

“This is the perfect course to share experiences with others in a similar situation and realise that you are not alone with what you are going through. A life-changing experience that will leave you with light bulb moments which you can take forward into everyday life.”

Kevin (42), participant


If you would like some further information please call the courses team on 020 8875 1805 or email us.


You can apply online by clicking here.

Course Donation

Back Up relies on the generosity of individuals and companies to fund our programme of courses. Each year we ask all course participants to make a suggested donation towards their course place.

We do understand however that everyone’s circumstances are different so making a full donation isn’t always possible. Please don’t ever let money concerns stop you from applying for one of our courses. We never allocate or refuse a course space based on your ability to make a donation.

The following recommended donation is roughly a third of the actual cost of each space:

Next Steps – £450