Back Up BBC Lifeline Appeal

Watch our BBC Lifeline TV Appeal, starring Bonnie Langford and other members of the Back Up community, on BBC iPlayer for the next three weeks. We need your support to make it a huge success!

The one and only Bonnie Langford presents our BBC Lifeline Appeal. You’ll also hear from Jamie, Julie, and Hannah about their experiences of our mentoring service, courses, and children and young people’s services.

It’s a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of spinal cord injury, tell people about the incredible work we do, and encourage people to support us so we reach even more people!

Watch and support our BBC Lifeline Appeal

Watch our appeal on BBC iPlayer for the next three weeks.

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Our presenter, Bonnie Langford

Bonnie Langford is an English actress, dancer and singer. She came to prominence as a child star in the 1970’s, when she had a notable role in the TV series Just William. She has also been known for appearing in various musicals in the West End and on Broadway. From 2015 to 2018 she was in BBC soap opera EastEnders where she received the 2016 British Soap Award for Best Newcomer.

She says, “I’m proud to be presenting this Lifeline Appeal on behalf of Back Up. Back Up is there to help people of any age get the most out of life after a spinal cord injury.”


In 1990, Julie was in a car accident which left her permanently paralysed from the waist down. Attending one of Back Up’s multi activity courses was a turning point for her. Having the opportunity to challenge her perceptions of what’s possible through abseiling and skiing was life changing for Julie, and inspired her to start volunteering.  

Julie is now one of Back Up’s longest-serving volunteers – teaching wheelchair skills and leading group courses. She has used her own personal experience to support over thirty people as a mentor, and has trained as an education advocate, helping ensure children with a spinal cord injury are fully included in schools.  


Jamie was on holiday in Greece celebrating his 8th wedding anniversary, but after leaning on an unsecured barrier, he went over the edge, falling onto jagged rocks and breaking his back in two places.  

After his rehabilitation, Jamie wanted to speak to someone who could offer him practical advice, and connect with someone who shared a similar experience. That’s when he reached out to us and accessed our mentoring service. Jamie quickly trusted his mentor, Graham, feeling safe to open up and discuss any challenge he was facing. To this day, the advice Graham gave Jamie supports him in adjusting positively to life after spinal cord injury. 


Hannah has always been very active – from playing badminton, to rock climbing, and trampolining. In 2018, a trampolining accident caused Hannah to sustain a spinal cord injury. 

While in rehabilitation, Hannah met Back Up at a wheelchair skills training session, and then got involved with the children and young people service. Being able to connect with others of a similar age to herself, who had similar experiences, changed Hannah’s life. She had found a new community. And, she is now ready to embrace every opportunity that comes her way. 

How to watch and support our Lifeline Appeal

Please watch the appeal, share this page, the appeal and our social posts with your friends, family and colleagues.

Tune in to BBC One and watch it live at 13:50 (approx.) on 24th July. Or, watch it repeated on BBC Two at 12:50 (approx.).

Don’t worry if you miss it, you can also watch our Lifeline Appeal on BBC iPlayer.

We’ll be talking about it on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Get involved!

Your support helps us be there for everyone affected by spinal cord injury ?