Education life with a spinal cord injury

Whether you have had a spinal cord injury from birth, or you were injured later on, you will have lots of questions about going to school and college. You might be worried you will be treated differently by teachers and friends, wonder how you will access facilities and classrooms and if you can go on trips and excursions.

We can:

  • Help your teachers and other students understand more about spinal cord injury
  • Liaise with your hospital and education provider as they prepare for you to return
  • Visit your nursery, school, college or uni – we support in meetings, deliver assemblies and can help ensure you have the right support to meet your needs
  • Make sure your voice and experience is heard
  • Provide advice and support with our free Education Inclusion toolkit below

You have a right to be included in everything during your education and Back Up are here to support you. Watch our video to learn more about our education services:


We’ve also created an Education Inclusion Leaflet that you can download and share with others to help them better understand your experience and the support Back Up can offer.

Going back to school – for children and young people

Tailored information from young people with a spinal cord injury on their experiences of education life, returning after an injury, coping with the emotional challenges around this and considering what to do after leaving college/school.

Supporting your child in education – for parents

Hear about other families experiences about supporting their child in education and accessing support.


You can register for our education inclusion services online or call the team on 020 8875 1805.