Courses calendar

February 2024

Saturday 3 - Tuesday 13
Wednesday 28 - Thursday 29

April 2024

Monday 1 - Friday 5
Monday 22 - Friday 26

May 2024

Saturday 18 - Friday 24
Lake District

June 2024

Monday 17 - Friday 21

July 2024

Monday 8 - Friday 12
Lake District

August 2024

Thursday 8 - Monday 12
Monday 19 - Friday 23
Lake District
Monday 19 - Friday 23

September 2024

Monday 16 - Friday 20
Lake District

October 2024

Monday 7 - Saturday 12

We are very excited to again be able to offer a full range of courses in 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that all of our favourite courses are back for 2024 plus some new ones!

Each course aims to increase confidence and independence in a supportive environment. They’re also led by people who have a spinal cord injury themselves – allowing participants to learn from others who have who have been there and can understand the issues and challenges.


If you would like some further information please call the courses team on 020 8875 1805 or email us.


Please click one of the following links to apply:

Course Donation

Back Up relies on the generosity of individuals and companies to fund our programme of courses. Each year we ask all course participants to make a suggested donation towards their course place.

We do understand however that everyone’s circumstances are different so making a full donation isn’t always possible. Please don’t ever let money concerns stop you from applying for one of our courses. We never allocate or refuse a course space based on your ability to make a donation.

You can find out the suggested donation amount on the course pages you are interested in, and on the application form. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.