Influencing change in the wider world

At Back Up, we understand that a spinal cord injury can be devastating, but we believe it shouldn’t prevent anyone from living life to the full. And we’re here to help make sure that can happen. We provide a range of services for injured people ourselves. Through building strong relationships with many hundreds of injured people each year we come to learn a lot about the issues people are facing in their lives, and sometimes that means learning about preventable problems outside of our direct control, for example problems arising from a lack of access to particular health or social care services.

We feel it’s important that the needs of people with spinal cord injury are advocated for when people are making decisions about services, and where we have something unique to add, we will spend time and effort to share and promote the views and experiences of people living with spinal cord injury, to help make sure that services or access to services can be improved.

We want to share our expertise and experience to support the development of services in other countries for people affected by spinal cord injury, just as we like to listen to and learn from services elsewhere.

Some of our current priorities for influencing change across the UK are:

  • Ensuring children and young people get access to timely specialist rehabilitation
  • Ensuring high quality vocational support in place aiding people’s return back to employment
  • Contributing to English and Scottish spinal service reviews ensuring patient voice at the heart of decision making.