How London to Paris ride helped Siby to rebuild independence


It was 1994 when a motorcycle accident changed Siby’s life overnight. She was young, confident and busy. But the accident left her broken.

Siby was at Stanmore spinal cord injury centre for three months. She said: “My mum spent a lot of time with me, both in hospital and afterwards. She had just retired.”

Just before Christmas, Siby moved back home. But life wasn’t the same. Nine months after the injury, Siby heard about Back Up and decided to go on a water ski course at Heron Lake.

“Apart from having a great time, I realised there was life, fun and adrenaline to be had even as a wheelchair user.”

After the water skiing, Siby went on a Back Up skiing course to Colorado, where she fell in love with the sport. “Skiing definitely boosted my confidence,” she said. “I had to get myself together quickly for my kids and Back Up did me the world of good.”

Recently, Siby decided to give back to Back Up by taking on a London to Paris cycle ride challenge. “The London to Paris came at a great time,” she said. “I needed something new to do and it gave me the kick in the bum to exercise.”


She said the best moment of London to Paris cycle challenge was experiencing the beautiful countryside, and realising she had completed it when arriving at the Eiffel Tower.

For Siby, the London to Paris cycle challenge was more than just a fun event. It also helped her to improve her independence by meeting new people and doing something outside her comfort zone.

“It’s a total confidence booster and shows there is life after spinal cord injury and being in a wheelchair is not the end.”

Siby would encourage other people like her to take on the challenge for Back Up, saying that the staff and people taking part are “fabulous”.

Visit our website to learn how you can take on a challenge for Back Up like Siby.