World Spinal Cord Injury Day | Joe’s story

Awareness Day

Joe at the top of Mount Snowdon with his Snowdon Push team

For World Spinal Cord Injury Day this year, we’re proposing a theme of #YesWeCan to mark the achievements of people with a spinal cord injury, big and small. It could be taking that first holiday post injury, going to the shops independently, or a gold medal at Tokyo – whatever the achievement is, they’re all important and we want to celebrate them.

We spoke to Joe, a top fundraiser and former service user, about his #YesWeCan moment.

How have you been involved with Back Up?

I was first involved with back up on a multi-activity course in the Lake District. Then I went skiing to Sweden and then me and a team conquered the Snowdon Push and raised £8,000 for Back Up.

What have you gained from being involved with Back Up?

Back up have helped me see that there is a future after spinal cord injury and that so much is still possible.

What have you achieved since your involvement with Back Up? What’s your#YesWeCan triumph?

Achieving new things you thought were never be possible is the most amazing feeling in the world. I just recently did something I thought I’d never do! Flew a long haul flight alone. First flight alone since my accident 6 years ago. I know many people do but it was a big step for me. If I can do it anyone can.

Do you have any goals or things you want to achieve in your future?

My future goals would be to keep on enjoying life and possibly travel some more. See some parts of the world I haven’t yet seen.

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