Back Up Champion – Rochelle Bell

Back Up Champions

Someone pouring water over Rochelle after she finished her race

We’re proud to introduce Rochelle, our most recent Back Up champion. Rochelle ran the Trans Atlas Marathon, which is an ultra-marathon across the Atlas mountains in Morocco. After being introduced to Back Up by a friend, Rochelle was inspired to fundraise for us after learning about our life-changing multi activity courses. By taking on this mammoth challenge, she raised an amazing £1,012 for our vital services.

During this marathon, Rochelle covered a colossal 160km and, despite coming back from a foot injury, she still managed to complete this challenge.

“The terrain was rocks, rocks and more rocks on the ascents and descents. I did wonder what I got myself into and if I should be doing this at my age!”

A rocky part of the ultra marathon path with an orange arrow marking the way

Some of the tricky terrain Rochelle faced – taken by Anthony Rodale

There were about 25 runners taking part in the race and the atmosphere in the camp was one of a team. This camaraderie and remembering why she was doing the challenge drove Rochelle to the end.

“I was thrilled to be done. Finishing that race was a tremendous feeling that will never leave me.”

Rochelle has 3 top tips for anyone looking to try an ultra-marathon.

  • Start strength training – “Strength training will get you any race because it keeps injuries at bay.”
  • Include rest and recovery in your training – “You’ll get longevity and a better performance, because your body gets to repair and rebuild itself.”
  • Pick your own distance and time – “Set your goal to a distance you haven’t done before, it could be a 5k, 25k, or 50k. Find a race, or set yourself your own time limit.”

If you’d like to find out more tips on training for a big run, check out Rochelle’s website runbodyrun

Why not take on a challenge yourself and raise money for our vital services?