Wheelchair dance sport is for everyone

We recently spoke to Elaine Ball, a wheelchair dance sport instructor from WDSA UK,  who runs a Kidderminster dance group called the Emotions. She spoke to us about the benefits of wheelchair dance and how it is open to both manual and power chair users.

Why did you decide to become a wheelchair dance instructor?

I ran mobility, movement and music classes and at an open day, I was approached by a young lady in a power chair who asked if I would let her join my class. Over the months I got to know her better and could tell this lady was very able to express herself through music. I investigated wheelchair dance and could see through training, I could also help others in my theatre company to dance and expand our performance.

What does a typical session include?

Sessions, this depends very much on who is coming as everyone has different abilities. Some like the ballroom dances and some prefer more freestyle. I include a warm up routine, we sometimes will learn a new routine or work on improving technique. Most of my members are also part of Wheely Different, the theatre company I run with my daughter Ellie Mouzer and we are in demand to appear around the district with performance pieces that include inclusive dance, so there is always something to practice. The most important aspect of my sessions are that everyone has fun, we like laughter, singing and anything that lifts the spirit.


Emotions wheelchair dance sport group

What are the benefits of wheelchair dance?

I could write a book on the benefits. Learning routines aids mental function, improved self-worth, and the feel good effect is known to help release those endorphins.
As for socialising, a lot of the group are with me most when we prepare for shows and I can tell you we do a lot of socialising. We go out for meals, we go to shows, we went to the cinema but the lift broke and we ended being rescued by some handsome firemen!
I believe the confidence the group has gained through dance has had multiple knock on good effects. I know when we have performed anywhere, it has also changed peoples’ opinion of disability.

Is it open to everyone? Can people who use a power chair and have limited/no hand movement participate?

Everyone is welcome and majority of wheelchair users are in power chairs and its important to note that you don’t have to be in a wheelchair to take part. There are all kinds of ability levels in the group, some are helped by their partner who acts as a musical guide, others are in power chairs with restricted hand movement and some are in manual wheelchairs. There are all kinds of people who all contribute to the dance in whatever way is right for them.

If you would like to learn more about wheelchair sport dance, you can visit WDSA UK to find out about groups near you. You could also join us at the Back Up Ball – our biggest ever accessible party – which takes place November 18 2017 and put those new dance skills to good use!