Nancy’s story: The impact of our children and young people’s services.

Meet Nancy: 

  • First encountered Back Up when we visited her hospital ward
  • Boosted her confidence on our multi activity course
  • Now she’s giving something back by volunteering with our Youth Advisory Group  

“I first heard about Back Up when I was in the children’s hospital, on the neuro rehab ward. There weren’t any other children or people with spinal cord injuries there so it was hard to do rehab without having others to show me things, like wheelchair skills. My physio arranged for wheelchair skills trainers from Back Up to come and teach me some skills. It was really nice to meet them and learn from people who had lived experiences of spinal cord injury. They showed me lots of useful skills and inspired me to feel more confident.

“When in hospital, I also joined the monthly virtual Youth Break Out Lounge. It was interesting to meet other young people who had more experience living with a spinal cord injury.

“Back Up is such a great charity because they are so positive about how great life can be with a spinal cord injury, but they are also realistic about the challenges. I have learnt so much from the people I have met from Back Up.

“My family and I also get lots of help and support from Back Up’s education services, who were able to give advice to my school about the adaptations needed after my injury. They still support us when issues arrive.

“Once I was discharged from hospital I went on a 13-17 year old Multi-Activity Course in the Lake District. This was my first time away independently and it gave me a massive confidence boost. This was when I first heard about Youth Advisory Group – young volunteers who help shape Back Up’s children and young people’s services.  

“The YAG has been a great experience for me. I have really enjoyed our weekends away where I have felt empowered to be able to help others and advise Back Up on how we can help improve their support of young people. It’s great that Back Up listens to young people. I feel like I have a voice and that our opinions matter. I feel like I can help others get support, as well as having fun and making friends.

“It is great that we are listened to and valued by Back Up. It shows that the charity is constantly wanting to make sure that they are working to provide the best support for young people affected by spinal cord injury.   

“One of the things I love about Back Up is that they have given me lots of support at every stage. They helped me right at the beginning but still continue to guide me, inspire me and show me that my voice matters. Back Up is a really positive charity that focuses on what people affected by spinal cord injury can do rather than just accepting unnecessary limitations. If I could take away one thing that sums up what Back Up has taught me it is that the possibilities are endless.

“With the right support and positive people around us, spinal cord injury does not limit us but open up new doors and opportunities.” 

We are glad that our children and young people’s services have helped Nancy live life to the full. Visit our website to learn more about how Back Up is there to help everyone affected by spinal cord injury thrive at any age.