Back Up launches new wheelchair skills app


one of our trainers who provided content for our wheelchair skills app

We know it can initially be daunting getting around as a wheelchair user. This is especially true when learning new techniques for the first time. That’s why we are excited to announce that we have launched our first mobile phone app focusing on our wheelchair skills. The app, over a series of short videos, will show our staff and volunteers demonstrating the key skills needed to confidently and independently get around in your wheelchair.

These are all skills that we would normally teach in our face-to-face sessions in UK spinal centres prior to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The app doesn’t replace these sessions, but acts as a resource so users can keep practicing whilst face to face tutorials are not an option.

Who is the app for?

The app is designed to help current inpatients and those recently discharged from hospital to learn essential skills on their return home. However, you can use the app to refresh and further hone your own skillset no matter when you sustained your spinal cord injury. The app features lessons for both power and manual chair users, with a different set of videos for each. Our wheelchair skills videos are relevant for people of all ages and injury levels, and are presented by a diverse team of volunteers.

Learning the right wheelchair skills can help you live confidently and independently with a spinal cord injury. Our wheelchair skills app can help you practice at home.

Learning the right wheelchair skills can help you live confidently and independently with a spinal cord injury.

Share your skills with us

Our app also features an awards system, making it easy for you to see your progress. Once you’ve mastered all the levels of skill you’ll receive a virtual reward. You can show off your achievements with your friends, family and other people in the spinal cord injury community over social media.

We’d love to hear from you and see how you’ve improved! Upload what you’ve learned in a video to your social media and tag us @backuptrust and we’ll share it wide with our followers and supporters.

We want as many people as possible affected by spinal cord injury to benefit from this app. Please do share it with people who may need it – it could help someone transform their life.

The Back Up wheelchair skills app is available to download in both the App Store and in the Google Play store.