Finding a wheelchair

At Back Up, we understand that having the right wheelchair can make a huge difference to your confidence and independence. A quality wheelchair allows you to get out and about, socialise, work, enjoy time with your family, and get the most out of life.

We have partnered with several trusted wheelchair providers to assist you with the process of choosing the right chair for you. All our panel members have gone through a rigorous selection process. We seek references and ensure that all companies have over ten years’ experience of fitting chairs for people with a spinal cord injury. Panel members also make an annual sponsorship donation to Back Up to appear on our website.

We strongly recommend that anyone wishing to purchase a wheelchair consult at least two or three companies before coming to a decision. If possible, test any potential wheelchair out in several different environments and consider whether the chair meets your needs i.e. is it adjustable, comfortable and the right size and weight for you? There are other wheelchair manufacturers available and you are not obliged to purchase a wheelchair from one of these companies.

Click on the companies below for further information and contact details.