Finding a wheelchair

“Having a suitable wheelchair made a huge difference to my independence. I was able to access my kitchen and independently get in and out of the car myself.”

How does it help you?

At Back Up we want everyone with a spinal cord injury to realise their full potential. If you use a wheelchair, we know the importance of getting the right one.

We want to help you find the right wheelchair that meets your needs i.e. correct set up for your skill level, comfortable, the right size and weight to live the life you want to.

What is the wheelchair panel?

The Back Up wheelchair panel is a group of specialist wheelchair companies that we trust. We know these companies have a high level of expertise to work with people who have sustained a spinal cord injury and get you the best wheelchair.

How does it work?

Below you can see the panel members logos, click on their logos to find out more about the different companies. We always recommend that anyone looking for a new wheelchair should always speak to at least two or three companies before coming to a decision.

Click on the logos below and follow their links to learn more and get in touch.