Education inclusion toolkit

This toolkit is a free resource to help ensure that students with a spinal cord injury are fully included in every aspect of their school lives. It is aimed at young people with a spinal cord injury, their families, schools and professionals. Including a child or young person with a spinal cord injury back into school might seem intimidating at first.

This resource provides comprehensive advice and practical tips from professionals, young people, and family members to give you the confidence to help your students get the most from their education. The toolkit is broken down into five sections so you can easily navigate to the section most of interest to you.

What’s in the toolkit:

  • Information about what spinal cord injury is and how this can affect people
  • What inclusive education is and how to prepare for this
  • The practice of inclusive education (including advice on PE, trips, transport, emotional support)
  • The experiences of young people with a spinal cord injury and of their family members
  • Details of legal duties and responsibilities
  • The types of support available.