Education Inclusion Toolkit

Our Education Inclusion toolkit is a free resource to help ensure that students with a spinal cord injury are fully included in every aspect of their school lives.

For a school hoping to positively include a student with a spinal cord injury into their community, early preparation and planning is vital.

This resource provides comprehensive advice and practical tips from professionals, young people, and family members to give you the confidence to help your students get the most from their education.

Inclusive education and spinal cord injury

Information about what spinal cord injury is and how this can affect people, what inclusive education is and how to facilitate it, and what young people say

Preparing to support students with a spinal cord injury

Advice on supporting students with spinal cord injury, guidance on Education Health Care Plans and preparing the school and community.

Creating equal access for a child with a spinal cord injury

Support for practising inclusive education, working with teaching assistants, personal care, academic support, PE, trips, transport, and more.


If you, your parents or your school would like to talk to us about what support we can offer, you can email our Education Inclusion Coordinator Jo or call her on 020 8875 1805.