Multi Activity Courses


“I can honestly say it was Back Up that gave me the confidence to challenge what I thought I could do physically and discover a whole new dimension to life.”
Participant, Lake District 2012

7 day course, Saturday 13 - Saturday 20 May 2017, Lake District 
5 day course, Monday 5 - Friday 9 June 2017, Exmoor

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What does it involve?
Multi activity courses take place at the Calvert Trust centres in Exmoor and the Lake District. The Calvert Trust instructors are experts at being able to adapt a whole range of outdoor activities so that people can participate as independently as possible, regardless of the extent of their disability. 

Course content at both centres includes: 
  • Rock and rope activities – such as indoor climbing and abseiling
  • Water activities – such as kayaking, canoeing and sailing
  • Other activities such as archery, blow darts, and hand cycling
  • Wheelchair skills training and a coastal push in Exmoor or a push up a hill in the Lake District
  • The Lake District courses include one night’s camping towards the end of the course
  • The Exmoor courses sometimes include horse riding or carriage driving and bushcraft
Contact the courses team on 020 8875 1805 or email us for more information.

“I wanted to participate in all of the activities but was not sure that this would be possible due to the level of my disability. I needn't have worried as the Back Up team, helpers and instructors always found a safe way for me to do each activity.”
Participant, Exmoor 2011

“It was truly an unforgettable experience. It was intense, full on, hard work and I loved it. I found the week very challenging and massively rewarding. It was much more emotional for me than I ever expected. I met some truly lovely friends. I got so much from it. I would love to go on another one! It's made a massive impact on me and has left me wanting to do more for Back up and find out more. I've got the bug now. Thank you!!”  Buddy, Exmoor 2013