City Skills


"I learnt stuff that I wasn't even aware of; one handed pushing and floor to chair transfers! It was great meeting new people, being away from home and out of my comfort zone."
Participant, Edinburgh 2011

Thursday 4 - Tuesday 9 May 2017, Edinburgh (over 50s)
Thursday 17 - Monday 22 August 2017, Belfast

What does it involve?
The opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your everyday transferable skills.  You will gain confidence and experience in using public transport, meeting new people and have fun exploring the sights. 

The course includes:

• Staying in a hotel
• Wheelchair skills training taught by experienced volunteers
• Taking public transport to explore the sights and learning how to negotiate a busy city
• Attending events in the evening, such as a comedy club


Contact the courses team on 0208 875 1805 or email for more information.

To apply, click here.

"It makes me feel proud to think there are people with such high standards and teaching high standards out there in the community for people with spinal cord injuries."
Nurse, Belfast 2013

"I now have the skills to tackle situations that previously I would not have even considered possible and my confidence has grown beyond measure. Priceless."
Participant, Belfast 2013