Volunteer Spotlight

Since becoming involved with Back Up last year, Maisie has shown herself to be a dedicated and enthusiastic young advocate for our services. A thoughtful and committed volunteer, Maisie has a fantastic ability to support other young people by working alongside them, engaging them in our services and demonstrating such a positive, can-do attitude to the opportunities she takes on.

In February this year, Maisie trained as a young wheelchair skills trainer to help others develop their skills and confidence. Following on from this she then attended our Youth City Skills course this summer to help other young people to develop their wheelchair skills.

“I learnt new skills like how to flick my wheelchair casters up and do a back wheel balance. I’m using that skill all the time back home in Scotland as its pretty rugged ground!  I can get up and down kerbs too.  It makes me feel pretty good as I’m more independent.”  (Hollie, 14, 13-17s course participant)


As an active member of our youth advisory group, Maisie has attended several training weekends sharing her ideas and working with other young people to influence our services and support. She was instrumental in developing video blogs to share with other young people affected by spinal cord injury, demonstrating practical skills and tips for daily tasks.

“I taught Hollie how to flick her wheels and do a back wheel balance.  This helped her to be more confident and independent in her chair.  Teaching people makes me realise how hard people try to be more active and independent in their chair and seeing others working hard makes me want to push myself further and to help more people with skills.  I’m looking forward to more courses!” (Maisie)

Maisie is a true advocate of our services, not only in the volunteer work she engages in but by initiating a fundraising challenge as well. Maisie’s friend agreed to spend 30 hours in a wheelchair for our 30th anniversary year, helping to raise awareness of our services and provide the vital funds needed for them. Currently Maisie is also involved with BBC’s Children in Need appeal, further helping to increase our profile and enable other children and young people affected by spinal cord injury to access our services.”

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