Under 13's - Kaitlan

Kaitlan with her mum and sister

My daughter, Kaitlan was 13 months when she contracted Transverse Myelitis that damaged her spinal cord; she has a C2/C3 incomplete spinal injury.

When Kaitlan was 6 we met a member of the Back Up outreach team at Oswestry Spinal Centre during a parent’s day they held. We chatted to the outreach staff and signed up to get more information about Back Up. A couple of years later we went on our first residential course.

I felt that she had really low confidence because of being in a wheelchair, but going on a Back Up course has given her the confidence to rely on the chair, to know that it won’t let her down, and that it won’t stop her from doing fun things in life.

Kaitlan has really enjoyed going on the Back Up courses and learns new things each time; I have noticed how her confidence has grown, and how she has become better at instructing those around her in order to help her with dressing and transfers. Kaitlin never used to tackle kerbs, but having a chance to practice wheelchair skills and seeing others demonstrating different manoeuvres, has given her the confidence to go off and do everything by herself.

Back Up has given Kaitlan more opportunities to do things than lots of kids in her class. Because of these experiences when she’s so young she’ll have the confidence to do everything when she’s older. We’ve never let it hold her back and it’s great for her to have such positive role models with the wheelchair skills trainers. I have met other parents in the same situation, and my younger daughter, Kyra, has been able to come on the courses too. This has been good as it has helped her to realise the challenges that Kaitlan faces. The courses are great because it holds us all together by getting away together as a family. Mags Rogers, mum to Kaitlan, 11