Sit Skiing in Winter Park, Colorado



"I love Back Up, the people, the challenges and ultimately the attitude of all volunteers to enable increased independence where there is a will... we can suggest and support various ways!"
Buddy, Winter Park 2014

Date TBC February/March 2018

What does it involve?
This course is for Paraplegics and low level, incomplete Tetraplegics.

Course content includes: 

• Flying to and from Winter Park in Colorado, USA - for many this is the first time that they have flown since their injury.
• One to one ski tuition at the NSCD (National Sports Center for the Disabled)
• You will be supported by experienced ski instructors and Back Up volunteers 

 NB: The ski school impose a strict weight limit for this course of 200 lbs (14 stone 4lbs) due to restrictions on equipment. You must also be at least one year post injury to sit ski. 

To apply, click here. Contact the courses team on 0208 875 1805 or email for more information. 

“Skiing allowed me to recognise the many possibilities of life in a wheelchair. The social side of the course was brilliant too. I got to know other people in the same position as myself; I learned from their experiences, took their advice and shared mine. This has helped me a great deal with coming to terms with my injury. It opened my eyes; I do not have to be tied down or limited to what I can do.”
Participant, Winter Park 2012