Next Steps

"When I first began to walk after my accident, I was like a drunken robot - at times I still am. Even though it was a moment of celebration, it was also painful. Deep guilt and confusion set it. Why did I get to walk again when everyone else didn't? I felt like a fraud."
Read Holly's story here

What does it involve?

The Next Steps course if for people with spinal cord injury who can walk and don't use a wheelchair, or use a wheelchair some of the time. This course is all about what you want to learn and what would improve your independence. Our aim is to give you the confidence to lead a more active life. 

The course will take place over a long weekend and it will cover life skills, such as accessing public transport, making a meal and getting around a busy city. The course also gives you an opportunity to share experiences and talk about different issues related to being able to walk following a spinal cord injury, such as pain, fatigue management, invisible disability, guilt etc. 

All group leaders and wheelchair skills trainers will be people living with incomplete spinal cord injuries themselves. 



Date: September 3-7 2017

Venue: Bath



Apply online or contact the courses team on 0208 875 1805 or email for more information