Needs of children and young people

"I kept myself in my room for 3 months solid and got anxiety and depression." 


Every year 40 – 50 children in the UK will sustain a spinal cord injury through either accident or illness leaving them permanently paralysed. Back Up is the only charity in the UK that provides dedicated services for children and young people with spinal cord injury.



Research has shown that adults with spinal cord injury who were injured in childhood:

  • participate less in their communities
  • have lower income
  • are less likely to live independently
  • and are less likely to be married compared to their non-disabled peers

The factors linked to positive outcomes are their level of education, their functional independence and having fewer medical complications.  The severity of the injury is not important for these life outcomes. Opportunities that encourage interaction with peers, learning, social and physical participation are also essential.

“Back Up is good - it has helped me and my school. I think Back Up can help my Mum and Dad. I am happy at school and I am included quite a lot”

(girl age 15; Scotland)