Young Person's Mentoring Service


“It helped me to speak to someone who had been through the same stuff, and understood what I was going through.”  (Baljit aged 12)

We can match you with a mentor who has a spinal cord injury like yours.

Role of a Mentor for young people

A mentor is someone who can help you deal with any issues you might be facing following your spinal cord injury.

Back Up will match you with someone who has a spinal cord injury like yours, and was injured when they were young.

The Mentor will aim to meet with you face to face at first (this depends on where you both live) and then will make regular contact (phone, email, in person) either weekly, monthly, or 3 monthly, depending on what you want.

The Mentor will talk to your about their experiences and answer any questions you might have. They will be there to encourage you to find solutions to your problems.

Some of the issues you might want to talk to them about could be:

  • School/college/university
  • Work
  • Driving
  • Friends, relationships
  • Leisure interests – travel, sport, music etc
  • Aspirations
  • Involvement in Back Up

They can also be a support to your parents – answering their questions as appropriate, if you are happy for this to happen.

To find out more email Polly or call on 020 8875 1805