Joining the Dots with wheelchair skills in your town

This year, for Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day we launched ‘Join the Dots’; a series of films on our website highlighting how wheelchair skills can increase your independence.

Join the Dots is all about helping you get from A to B – that’s why we have started running wheelchair skills sessions in local towns and cities in conjunction with spinal units. The first of these took place in Belfast earlier this month.

Excitedly, participants and staff left the hospital taking the train to join the Back Up wheelchair skills trainers Michael and Martin. Our experienced trainers put the group at ease and together they set off to battle the elements and practise some wheelchair skills!

After five hours following some cryptic clues along the way, Brian, a participant said: “It was great being out in the crowds and I now know how important it is to look out for things like cobble stones, potholes and drains. The best bit of the day was stopping off for some lunch at the Chinese!”.

Occupational Therapist Julie spoke of the benefit she saw from the day: “I believe the skills day out of the spinal unit allows patients to practise their skills and gain confidence.  The day was structured so that everyone had fun and wasn’t only focusing on the skills. One of the guys who attended the course then had the confidence to go out at the weekend with his wife and daughter knowing that he could manage and wouldn’t need assistance”.

If you’re interested in attending a Join the Dots wheelchair skills session, enquire with your spinal unit to find out when it’s coming to a town near you!