Back Up to Work


Thinking of returning to work or volunteering?

Studies have shown that unemployment is worse for your health than smoking! 

 Benefits of working include:

  • Improvements to general health and wellbeing
  • Good self-esteem and a sense of purpose
  • Increased independence and confidence
  • Earning money and feeling like you are making a contribution
  • Participation
  • Socialising and meeting new people

We have a space for you on our Back Up to Work courses running throughout the year:

Sunday 23 - Tuesday 25 July 2017, Manchester


Back Up to Work offers you the chance to:

  • reveal ​​​​​​​​​​​​​your talents and enhance your CV​​
  • receive advice on job hunting, including advice on how/when to declare a disability
  • practice your interview techniques with real recruiters in a supportive and encouraging environment
  • be put in touch with specialists for benefits and financial support and advice

The courses are run by Back Up in partnership with Helen Cooke, Director and founder of My+ Consulting and Becky Hill, both HR professionals with extensive knowledge and experience.  Helen and Becky are spinal cord injured themselves.

Each course is hosted by a partner company whose staff often get involved in aspects of the course such as practice interviews – importantly, though, they too are there to learn.

This course is not about finding a job for you but about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence you need to work towards your employment goals.  We offer tailored one-to-one support post-course based on your goals and aspirations.

Get in touch with the courses team to confirm your place:
 Email or call on 020 8875 1805