Are you able to walk? | Holly's story


"When I first began to walk after my accident, I was like a drunken robot - at times I still am. Even though it was a moment of celebration, it was also painful. Deep guilt and confusion set it. Why did I get to walk again when everyone else didn't? I felt like a fraud.

My abilities fluctuate. In the same day I can struggle to get out of bed, not be able to write, but later be fine as my muscles become more coordinated. Other days, I jump up and for a walk through the countryside. Chronic fatigue also disrupts my life.

Some days, just a conversation can tire me to the point of tears. Working, socialising and playing sport are difficult, if not impossible sometimes.

You worry that people think you are making it up a lot of the time because there are no visual cues. I even wore my neck brace in crowded areas to begin with when I didn't need to, but this didn't make a difference, people still barged me out of the way.

Since being with Back Up, I'm more confident, feel less alone with my condition and experiences, and the guilt is alleviating."

Holly made a funny and informative video talking about her experience of having an incomplete spinal cord injury. Watch it here: 



In 2016, we're running a brand new course aimed at people with spinal cord injury who are able to walk. For more information, visit our courses page here