Back Up’s Got Talent – TikTok Talent Show

Have you got a hidden talent that you discovered or adapted after spinal cord injury?

We want you to film a TikTok of yourself showing off your talent to inspire other people in a similar situation. Whether it’s a party trick you adapted after your injury, or a brand-new skill you discovered during lockdown, we’d love to see what you have made possible after spinal cord injury.

Here are a few examples…

• Show off some impressive card tricks
• Slay an epic guitar solo
• Share a timelapse of painting a picture
• Lip-synch your favourite song

Check out Andy, our Outreach and Support manager showing off his hidden talent – juggling.

@backuptrustCheck out Andy’s juggling skills! 🤹 ##BackUpsGotTalent♬ Circus – Color Clownies

It’s easy to get involved just download the TikTok app, shoot your video, and share it with the hashtag #BackUpsGotTalent.

Never made a TikTok before? No worries, please see below for a step-by-step guide to sharing your TikTok with us…

  • Download the official TikTok app from your phone’s app store
  • Once the app is installed, open it and click on the ‘me’ button to register your account
  • Click the ‘+’ symbol and you will be taken to a screen where you can film your TikTok
  • Already shot your video outside of the TikTok app? Click the ‘upload’ button on the right of the screen to upload videos saved on your phone.
  • You can add filters, effects, and music once you’ve shot or uploaded your video – feel free to get creative as you wish.
  • Once you’re happy with the final product, add a description including the hashtag #BackUpsGotTalent. We will monitor the hashtag and pick our favourites from the videos you share with us.

Please note: Back Up is not responsible for any user-generated content on the TikTok app. We also encourage you to practice good health and safety and not try to perform any dangerous stunts – Back Up are not responsible for any injuries sustained while performing your talents and we disclaim any liability!

By participating, you also give Back Up permission to re-share your talent video across our social media channels. Since we want to show what is possible after spinal cord injury, please only submit a TikTok if you have a spinal cord injury yourself.

Do you have any questions about this contest or TikTok itself? Email our Communications Assistant, Jack.