Our mission, vision and values

Our vision:

Our mission:

  • To inspire people affected by spinal cord injury to transform their lives
  • To challenge perceptions of disability
  • To deliver services that build confidence and independence and offer a supportive network.

Our values:

  • Driven by the needs of people with spinal cord injury, we are passionate about transforming lives
  • Through challenge and fun we open up possibilities to develop, achieve and get the most out of life
  • We respect individuality and embrace diversity
  • We strive for quality and excellence in all we do.

“Back Up has always had the ability and passion to challenge and change, not just the public’s perception of what can be achieved after a spinal cord injury, but the person and their family who is directly affected. The services we deliver have also changed as we have seen people’s rehabilitation and community support reduced or cut completely over the years. However, the way we deliver our services stays the same and rooted in our values.”

Sarah Bryan, CEO