Campaign for specialist care for under 18s: update June 2014

child with spinal cord injury and his mother

Specialist services for children with spinal cord injury

Summary campaign update June 2014

Children who become spinal cord injured can live active, happy, healthy lives and contribute to society like anyone else. Due to a lack of access to specialist rehabilitation services they can often be unhappy, unhealthy, and dependent on others for the rest of their lives.

Back Up is the only UK charity that represents children and young people with spinal cord injury and their families and provides dedicated services for them. All our services and campaigns for under 18s are led by the needs and views of children and young people and their families.

We are determined that all children and young people with spinal cord injury and their families will have the specialist support they need to be able to realise their full potential. Working with young people, families, clinicians and commissioners we will find a way to achieve that through developing and implementing clear, agreed national care pathways. Together we can make change.

Please download our full, detailed campaign update here.

We would like to warmly thank all the young people, parents, charities, clinicians and commissioners that have contributed to the campaign development so far.

Please contact Stef if you would like to be kept updated as the campaign progresses.