TripAble: New review system rates hotels on accessibility


Dan's dad was left permanently paralysed in 2005. Over the years, Dan has tried to go on holiday with his dad but they have always struggled to find accessible hotels. Dan wanted to help his dad and others in a similar situation. He created a simple review system allowing everyone to rate hotels on accessibility. He writes for Back Up about his new project and how it will improve the lives of people with spinal cord injury. 



"Together we can make a difference"


My father had a spinal cord injury in 2005, leaving him permanently paralysed. Over the years my mother and I have tried to go on holiday with my dad, as well as take him to places in the UK that require an overnight stay.

For these trips and overnight stays, we always struggle to find an appropriate hotel that meets his needs, with many hotels suggesting they do but in reality have missed the mark. This has caused a number of issues for us and a lot of frustration for my dad, something I am sure many of us have experienced.

It was this frustration that made me want to make a difference, not just for my dad, but for all those who go through the same struggles. Searching all the relevant websites, I could not find anything that did what we needed, so I have decided to make it myself.

I wanted to create a simple review system - TripAble - allowing everyone to rate a hotel on their accessibility, such as hotel access, room usability and toilet facilities. This is overlaid over a hotel search and booking system that gives access to most of the hotels in the world. 

To make a real difference with this website, I need to get as many disabled people as possible to enter reviews on hotels they have visited, so it becomes a tool to guide us and others on future trips, as well as a way to show hoteliers what accessibility looks like. 

Dan has entered the project on the
 Virgin Media Business competition. You can vote for the project here