Tanni Grey supports Karen's journey

“I'm in awe of Karen.”

Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Great Britain's most successful Paralympic athlete, is supporting Karen Darke's epic journey to London 2012 and the Antarctic.

During her Paralympic career, Dame Tanni  won 16 medals: 11 gold, four silver and a bronze and also 13 World Championship medals: six gold, fivesilver and two bronze. Now she is backing Karen's bid to become the first person to sit-ski from the edge of the Antarctic ice cap to the South Pole. Dame Tanni, who has met Karen on a number of occasions, said:

"Iam in awe of the adventure that Karen and the Pole of Possibility team arepreparing for in 2013. 

"Karen has always possessed a great strength ofmind and determination to succeed and travelling 1200km by sit-ski willcertainly test these qualities to the maximum. 

"I wish Karen and the team agreat journey and a safe return."