Being a Number Cruncher on the Back Up Board

Number Crunching
Richard Smith has been our Treasurer for the past nine years. 
Here he explains the difference he makes and why he loves crunching figures at Back Up.

"I am here to ensure the numbers add up and that the charity can deliver its  commitments today whilst building towards and safeguarding the future.  Some  people seem to be put off by finances, but it is no different to running a household budget  or planning for a holiday.  Money helps us to run our wonderful services and make a real difference to the lives of people affected by spinal cord injury.  It also gives me a wonderful excuse to poke my nose in everywhere!

Many people see money - or lack of it - as a problem.  I take the opposite view.  If we know what we want to do and what it will take financially to achieve it then that can really help the development of our services.  Think big and then work out how to achieve it, rather than be constrained by what we have today!  Of course it is our volunteers and staff that deliver the services, the finances are the fuel and speedometer - they tell you how fast you are going and whether there is enough in the tank to reach the final destination.

It was this ability to help grow, rather than control spend that got me excited about joining Back Up as a trustee.  The opportunity to challenge (positively!) and develop a plan that reaches more people year on year and in more ways is what motivates me.  Being a trustee is rewarding, being a treasurer gives you real insight that can help a charity grow.

Who said numbers were boring?!”

As well as number crunching, Richard has been up and down Snowdon, been instrumental in the successful RBS and Back Up relationship and attended many fundraising events too. 

Thank you Richard for helping us to be financial sound and in turn support more people affected by spinal cord injury.