Clothworkers' fund independence for wheelchair users

Clothworkers wheelchair skills medium

Founded by Royal Charter in 1528, The Clothworkers’ Company existed historically to protect its members and promote the craft of cloth-finishing in the City of London.

Almost 500 years later, although it continues to value its past, its traditions and its heritage, The Clothworkers’ Company also believes it should make a contribution to society which it does primarily through the Clothworkers’ Foundation, established in 1977. This includes the Livery Fund which involves members selecting three years each year for support.

We are extremely proud to announce that we were selected as one of the three charities this year and received a fantastic £30,000 towards our wheelchair skills training.

This generous grant will enable us to train 225 people in vital wheelchair skills which will transform their life after spinal cord injury.

Those 225 people will learn skills such as going up and down kerbs, tackling slopes and obstacles, and carrying cups of tea, all of which they will use everyday of their life in a wheelchair.

The grant will also enable us to introduce a new style of training called ‘community skills’ this year. During these sessions, our trainers will take patients out into the local community and show them how to utilise the skills they have learnt in real life situations.

Our Outreach and Support Manager Pete, who runs our wheelchair skills training service, and our CEO Louise were honoured to be invited to the Clothworkers’ Company Election Dinner and meet with some of the kind individuals who had chosen us as the beneficiary charity.

We are very grateful for support from the Clothworkers’ Foundation and everyone who chose to support our wheelchair skills training, helping 225 rebuild their confidence and independence.