Mentor Training Weekend for Family Members

Our mentors support people who have a spinal cord injury and their family members. We match people with a mentor who can work with them to acheive a particular goal or aim through a series of contacts on the phone or face to face.


Jen applied to become a family mentor in January 2014 after her partner who has a spinal cord injury recommended it to her.


Here's what Jen had to say about the mentor training weekend in Loughborough in March 2014:


"Although I was really keen on being a mentor for partners of people with spinal cord injuries, I was quite nervous about attending this training. But I needn't have been! Everyone was really friendly - both the trainers and the other trainees - and we ended up having lots of fun and forming good friendships, as well as learning a lot of course. Even the necessary role play ended up being good fun!


The training itself was far more in-depth than I had imagined. Devised by clinical psychologists, the course is very professional and covers many aspects of mentoring that you may not have considered before, such as learning how to be aware of signs that your mentee may be in distress, and knowing what to do about it. By the time the course ended, I felt both empowered and far more confident about being a mentor. Now I can't wait to put it all into use and help my first mentee!"


If you would like to become a mentor and you have a spinal cord injury or you are a partner, parent or sibling of someone with a spinal cord injury, please get in touch with us on 0208 875 1805, or download an application form to apply :

Family Mentor Application Form

Mentor Application Form

Also find out more information on our volunteering pages