The Boshier-Hinton Awards 2012

Simon Carter, 38, says of the mentoring scheme: "I found out about the Back Up Mentoring Service after attending one of their canoeing courses which was an eye opener.  I was feeling really low emotionally and low in motivation.  I thought I would give mentoring a go.  I just wanted anything to make me feel better.  My life at home was just playing XboX and I wasn’t going out much.  I was down about everything; house, my wheelchair and the future.  Every time I went to sleep all I could think about was how I was before the accident and what if I had made different decisions in life.  It was a horrible time.  Now I realise it’s not worth thinking like that."

On 16th May 2012 Back Up was awarded £21,000 from the Boshier- Hinton Foundation.  With this funding we will recruit a new family mentoring coordinator.  This means that the mentoring scheme can continue to expand and help more people who have sustained a spinal cord injury, and their families.  In the first year we hope to enable at least 25 new family members affected by spinal cord injury to benefit from our growing family mentoring service, to recruit and train more family mentors; and to explore the needs of siblings affected by spinal cord injuries.

Kyra Noblet, who is the current and only Mentoring Service Manager at Back Up says: “Demand for the family mentoring service is growing, and with a new person in post we will be able to drive forward and develop this unique service so that we can reach more relatives who have been affected by spinal cord injury.”

Back Up would like to say a big thank you to the Boshier-Hinton Foundation, for awarding us this money.  It is going to greatly help us to continue and expand our mentoring scheme.