Mentoring for family members

We recognise that spinal cord injury affects the whole family. Family mentoring is a service to support partners, parents and siblings of people with spinal cord injury. Do you feel like you need some guidance on accessing information or services for your family? Could you benefit from having someone to listen and give input as needed? Being introduced to an experienced mentor could help you feel more positive about what the future may hold for you and your family.

"The positive effects of mentoring for me have now also had an impact on my husband Colin as he has agreed to get support for himself from a Back Up mentor and has also signed up to do a multi-activity course. I feel much happier now, my mentor has helped me to gain a sense of perspective and understand what we still have as a family. I also do more things for myself and don't feel guilty about spending time on my own"  (Ulviyya partner of Colin)

“Just speaking to a fellow parent who has had to look after their spinally injured child, chatting just for a few hours, you can learn vast amounts of tips and knowledge that you were totally unaware of." 
(Parent of a child with SCI)

Find out more

If you are a parent, partner or sibling of someone that has a spinal cord injury and would be interested in speaking to one of our trained mentor parents or partners email Justin today or call  020 8875 1805.

Click here to find out about volunteering as a mentor.

The Back Up mentoring service is accredited by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation and supported by The Big Lottery Fund and Serious Injury Law.