25th Anniversary!

Back Up’s 25th Anniversary!  

This year, Back Up are celebrating 25 years of transforming lives.  From our humble beginnings organising ski courses for anyone with a spinal cord injury, we have grown to now offer help and support to thousands of people affected by spinal cord injuries, through the provision of a wide range of services and courses.  We continue to challenge perceptions of disability, enabling people affected by spinal cord injury to regain their independence and confidence. 

Since Andy Walker was injured in 2006, his time has been spent adapting to his new life with spinal cord injury. With a high level of break in his neck and spinal cord, he was left with no movement below his shoulders forcing him to move home and rely on carers to live his life.  Despite such a devastating and life changing injury Andy’s positivity pulled him through such a difficult stage and he even enrolled himself onto a college course. However he felt that something was missing from his life and that he had still not managed to achieve the ambitions he set himself after he damaged his spinal cord.  

In 2009 the Back Up sailing course not only gave Andy the buzz that he had been looking for, it gave him more than he had ever hoped for.

“Before my accident I would get satisfaction out of helping people and that’s something that has been missing in my life. The course allowed me to feel part of a team once more. For the first time I felt that I was equally contributing to the group whether it was putting things on my lap to take to the car or by using my power chair to push other people in chairs who were struggling to get up hills. I was able to encourage people to push their boundaries and they helped me to push my boundaries.”

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Our work helps people to adjust to their lives by offering a wide range of services, including school and back to work programmes, mentoring courses, opportunities to volunteer and our activity courses.

“We are so proud of our achievements over the past 25 years and are delighted to be celebrating this anniversary. As we set out on the next 25 years of making a positive difference to people’s lives, we are focussed on continuing  to support the thousands of people who are facing challenging times ahead.”


Louise Wright - Back Up CEO


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