Schools Inclusion Service

Schools and Family Inclusion Service

Our Schools Inclusion Service provides support to children, young people and their families and teachers to help make going back to school easier.


Support for children and young people

Back Up sent people to speak at my school so they were prepared. I am now very happy back at school” Girl,16

You have a right to be included in every aspect of school after your injury.

We can help with...

Getting you to be included in everything at school

We can speak to or arrange a visit to your school to help your teachers prepare for your return after your injury, and help make sure that you are included in everything at school. We can also put you in touch with young people with spinal cord injuries at other schools. 

Helping you stay in touch with your friends 

We can help make sure you stay in touch with your friends before you return to school by working in partnership with the school and hospital. We can help your classmates to understand what a spinal cord injury is, and make sure you are fully included in everything when you return to school.

Support for parents

We can…

  • Liaise with hospital staff and offer support about educational issues when your child is preparing to start, return to, or change schools.
  • Help you work effectively with community based education, health and therapeutic professionals to make sure your child’s return to education goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Match you with a trained volunteer mentor who is also a parent of a child or young person with spinal cord injury
Talking to your child

Other children and young people will be curious about your daughter or son when they enter or return to education. Talking with your child about the way their body has changed since their injury will make it easier for them to talk to, and answer other children’s (and staff’s) questions when they are at school.

Finding the words to bring your child’s difference into everyday conversation can be a big challenge for a parent. Take a look at the inclusive education toolkit which may help with this and other issues.

To find out more email Ella or call 020 8875 1805